Hi everyone! My name is Matthew Murphy – Welcome to AlwaysLowPrices.Net!

I am a proud resident of Seattle (as you can tell by my choice in color scheme for this website – Go Seahawks!) and have recently grown very interested in the rise of the online shopping age (in part due to the fact that Amazon is headquartered right here where I live).

Given the popularity of online shopping today, many people feel like retail shopping (i.e. brick and mortar stores) is slowly dying. However, I strongly disagree.

As great as online shopping is (and it is pretty great), I still find myself shopping at physical retail stores pretty regularly to this day. Ultimately I believe that there are pros and cons to retail shopping today, even with the advent of online shopping.

And that is why I created AlwaysLowPrices.Net – to discuss the various aspects of the retail shopping experience, both positive and negative, to give people who now just dismiss retail shopping overall some perspective.

Thanks for stopping by!